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Next Cohort Starts October 12th 2023

MacroClub is a 12 week virtual group nutrition program that is a blend of a mini course, group nutrition coaching, and nutrition challenge. Sign up early and save $100 on the regular Macroclub price!

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Macros On The Go

MacroClub is a 12 week virtual group nutrition program designed for busy individuals who are looking to fuel their workouts, get lean, build muscle, and increase their daily energy levels. 

You Will Learn

MacroClub Intro & Goal Setting

Understanding Macros

Tracking Tools

Meal Prepping & Planning

Fine-Tuning Macros

Eating Out & Social Events

Monitoring Progress & Non-Scale Victories

Troubleshooting & Overcoming Challenges

Mindful Eating, Emotional Eating, And Food Relationships

Low Energy Levels

Hormonal/metabolic dysfunction

Poor blood sugar control (pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes)

Digestive health issues (i.e. IBS)

Recent unintentional weight gain

Do you Struggle with These?

If you are struggling with any of the following health concerns or daily challenges, this program is for you


Each 1 hour session is Thursday’s at 8:15 PM

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Session Schedule

Your Dietitian: Dallas

Your virtual sessions will be lead by Dallas Odgers, a Registered Dietitian with years of experience helping athletes and every day people reach their physical goals through educating and creating sustainable nutrition habits. 

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